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Custom PC's, our Passion

From time to time we will update our custom builds page with some of our favorite work.

Work and Play All Day

This computer was designed with two things in mind gaming capability and reliability.  We helped the customer build a custom PC with that in mind. By custom tailoring the computer to their needs we were able to deliver an excellent gaming experience while maintaining usability allowing the customer to work from home daily.

That Case Though

We would be lying if we said all computer cases were created equal. The ease of using this case made this budget minded gaming computer a breeze. Expansion slots were easy to access, the interior of the case had a nice open design, plenty of fans were included and the case was sturdily built.

The Original

This was the first PC we ever built over 10 years ago. It is still used daily to assist with running Tech Bros. It has seen upgrades over the years but still uses the original fans and accent lighting.

Bang for the Buck

We were able to deliver exceptional quality and service while offering a great value to the customer on this build. We were able to stay under budget while offering a PC that performed beyond expectations.

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